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SA Cricket Team by Thabu Pienaar - Theme of the South African Cricket team.

Sacramento Kings 1999 by Glenn Weber - Animated busy pointer with rotating pictures of each Kings head. 10 extra icons are included that can be inserted into Windows 95/98 using Microangelo. Sounds are unobtrusive. Startup/down screens featuring the mascot, Slamson.
San Antonio Spurs by Jacob Herrera - The Spurs theme is the ultimate tribute to the Spurs Championship 99 Season.
San Diego Chargers by Novelties by Nancy - A requested theme about the San Diego Chargers football team. Screensaver included.
Scotty Cannon Desktop Theme by Cannonfan - This is a tribute to NHRA Drag Racings Scotty Cannon. It includes Start Up and Shut Down screens as well.
Scuba Diver And Flounder by Jeanie - This is an outstanding wallpaper that everyone who loves fish and scuba diving must see. This diver is petting a very large Flouder as they swim together in the ocean. Music by Elvis, Beyond The Reef. Enjoy Jeanie.
Seattle Mariners by Dave Mahan - For all you Seattle Mariner fans here is a desktop you will want. Custom wallpaper, cursor, icons, and sounds.
Seattle Seahawks by Dave Mahan - This one is for all you Seattle Seahawks fans. Custom wallpaper, cursors, and icons. Music by Spencer Davis.
sixers theme by Alicia Pelzer - THis is my first theme of the Philadelphia 76ers. If you want a certain desktop theme, just e-mail your requests. Enjoy!
Skateboarding by Doris - A skateboarder catching some air as he does some tricks. Original wallpaper, icons and logos.
Skateboarding Theme by NiteRise - This is a generic theme, not of any specific person or anything. included are: 2 backgrounds, icons, cursors, start-up/shut-down screens, and only a couple sounds.
Skiing by Hegelund - Let your desktop become a skiing wonderland - you might wanna get your coat on - cause this theme will make you feel like being out in the snow.
Skiing On The Snow Slope by Jeanie - This is an outstanding painting of a mountain side and a young man who is skiing down it. Music By Johnny Mathis, Its The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. Enjoy, Jeanie.
Sled_Pet by SilverPoodle.com - Pets enjoying a ride on a snow sled.
Snowboarding by NiteRise - Includes: start-up screen, icons, and cursors, and several backrounds to chose from. No sounds.
Snowboarding by Darlene - The ski sloops are covered in winters white snow, and this snowboarder wasnt going to waste anytime time going down the mountain. Music By Alabama, You Cant Keep A Good Man Down. Enjoy, Darlene.
Snowboarding Between The Trees by Darlene - This is a great picture of a snowboarder doing a back flip off of a mountain cliff, among some very tall snow cover trees. Music By The Village People, Macho Macho Man. Enjoy, Darlene.
Snowboarding Down The Mountain by Jeanie - If you like action sports then you should really like this wonderful wallpaper that has a young man snowboarding down a mountain side, as the snow comes up over his body. Music By Johnny Mathis, Winter Wonderland. Enjoy, Jeanie.
Snowboarding Off Mammoth Mountain by Wallys Desktop Creations - What a great picture this is of a man snowboarding off a rocky cliff on Mammout Mountain in California. Music by Dean Martin, Let It Snow. Enjoy Wally.
Snowboarding Trick by Wallys Desktop Creations - Fly high with this snow-boarder as he sails through the air and attempts a smooth maneuver down the snow-covered mountain. Music By Dean Martin, Let It Snow. Enjoy, Wally.
Soap Shoes by Ebola Zaire - This is a really cool theme dedicated to Soap Shoes. If you dont know what they are go to http://www.geocities.com/timessquare/dome/5730/index.html and clikck on the soaps links in the frame.
Soccer by Doris - Whether it is Mia Hamm or Pele, soccer is a sport of endurance and spirit. A soccer ball showing the many faces of this amazing sport. Logos screens included.
Softball by Jaden - Girls softball theme with a cute Attitude Doll
Spree Dunk by Michael Sarafin - This is a desktop theme of the man Latrel Spreewell, complete with icons, cursors, and sounds
Spring Training by Theme Garden - This baseball theme includes 32 extra icons so you can put your favorite teams on your desktop. Three sizes; 1024, 800 and 640
Springfield Falcons by Ace Webpage Design - Finally! A Springfield Falcons theme for your desktop! This theme features a cool background graphic, cursors, and sounds. A must see!
St Louis Cardinals by Theme Garden - this is for all of the St. Louis Cardinal fans. It contains three sizes; 1024, 800 and 640.
St Louis Cardinals by Wandas Themes and Things - A theme for all the Cardinal fans.Matching screensaver available.
St.Louis Blues by Wandas Themes and Things - This was a request,but if your a Blues fan,enjoy.
Steelers by Dave Mahan -
Steve Austin by Davids Place Themes - This is one of that Bad SOB the Texas Rattlesnake,stone cold of the wwf..
Steve Austin 2 by Davids Place Themes - This is the second to the Steve Austin themes we did.
Stone Cold Crazy by Opal Essence - WWFs Rattlesnake Steve Austin ~ Original release date: 01/18/1999 This updated version is self installing to your Plus! Themes file. Two wallpapers resized to correctly fit both 640x480 and 800x600 resolutions.
Stone Cold Crazy by Opal Essence - WWFs Stone Cold Steve Austin
stonecold 2000.zip by Davids Place Themes - you know i really like stonecold.and i\m glad he\s back.this one\s for the rattlesnake.hope you enjoy it..
stonecold 2001.zip by Davids Place Themes - here\s a stonecold theme hope you like it.this is my first theme.
stonecold 2003 by d&b by Davids Place Themes - one more of the texas rattlesnake,stonecold steve austin..comes with sounds, icons, cursors,logos..hope you like it..
stonecold 2004 by d&b by Davids Place Themes - one more of wwf\\s stonecold..comes with sounds,icons,cursors,logos...hope you like it..
Stonecold Returns by bhavish - Stonecold will whip rikishi\s ass if you download this theme...pls visit my webpage!
StoneCold Theme(SCSA) by bhavish - The Coolest StoneCold Steve Austin Theme
StoneCold316 by TheGothicMessiah - A theme you might like about Stone Cold Steve Austin Start up screen icons and lots of wavs
Sudbury Wolves by Obsidian - A theme based on the major junior hockey team.
Superman Racing Theme Featuring Jeff Gordon by Paul Rodrigues - Theme in honor of the Superman Racing Team. Features 2 wallpapers. One Wallpaper of all 9 cars, and one Wallpaper of Jeff Gordons Superman Car.
Surfers Delight by LadeeBuuug - I created this theme for my brother who loves to surf in his free time. It is a picture of a wave crashing on the beach. Included are surfing icons, navy blue cursors and sound clips from the Beach Boys song Surfin USA. Enjoy!
Surfin The Big One by Darlene - This is a great picture of a man who has caught a very nice wave and is doing some surfin tricks on it. Music by Beach Boys, Surfin Safari. Enjoy Darlene.
Surfing by Tootsies Theme Shop - This is the sport, as in surfboard, not surfing the Net. Blue/green colors of the sea, surfboard cursors. Startup/Shutdown screens. MPEG Layer 3 wav files.
Surfs Up by Jeanie - This surfer just might of gotten a little to much wind under his surf board. From my screen saver Surfin. Music by The Beach Boys, Surfin USA. Enjoy Jeanie

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